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As a French couple permanently residing in the UK, Patrice and Florence have developed a luxury, affordable handmade soap range reflecting the same ethos they always followed in their culinary past:


Natural, environmentally-friendly and beneficial to their health.


The realisation that so many chemicals and additives still featured in today’s skincare products inspired them to develop a superior product that addressed all these issues.

After a lot of research, testing and approval of formulas from a certified chemist, they developed a luxurious yet affordable soap range that reflected their ethos: 100% natural, palm oil-free, pure, handmade, cold processed and environmentally friendly.


And so, Savonnettes de La Sayette was born.


What makes Savonnettes de La Sayette different?


Our blends contain the highest quality ingredients, only pure essential oils and importantly, no palm oil. Many skincare manufacturers rely on palm oil as one of their main ingredients, but with Savonnettes de La Sayette you can be totally sure we truly are 100% palm oil-free.

Our soaps do not contain any chemicals, parabens nor fragrances and they are only coloured with plants, spices or clays.



Handmade from start-to-finish


Produced in small batches of no more than 20 bars at a time, each of our soaps is lovingly crafted using the cold processed method. This is healthier for the skin, far more moisturising and better for the environment. Our soaps are left to cure for a minimum of one month. This gives a high end product that is harder and longer-lasting, has had time to reach the optimal pH level for perfectly moisturised skin and allows sufficient time for the oil to impart its creamy, bubble properties to give you the perfect lather.

Only then are the soaps packaged in recyclable boxes, which better protect them and help them retain their delicious scents.


Click to find out more about our unique range and treat yourself to a little affordable luxury. 

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